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Elizabeth’s speaking presentations and workshops offer students an opportunity to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future. Her goal is to empower them to break the habits that are affecting them negatively in all areas of their lives; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.


Elizabeth uses the art of storytelling to inspire, educate and connect with her audience!

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'she SPEAKS' 4-6 Week Program

The ‘she SPEAKS’ program is a self-development and leadership program for girls who’ve been disadvantaged by family or social circumstances. The program consists of workshops committed to inspiring young women to live each day recreating who they desire to be; therefore enhancing their quality of living and becoming leaders of their own future.


I Am Worth It!

In this heart-moving and meaningful message of wholeness, Elizabeth explores the undeniable importance of self-worth. She shares the 4 Pillars to Self-Worth; Self Awareness, Self-Respect,  Self-Empowerment, and Self-Love.


In the age of social media and mixed-messages about how girls are supposed to look, act and learn, girls can face significant self-esteem issues during adolescence. 

In this talk, Elizabeth shares tips and strategies to help girls build a sense of self-worth.

[Overcoming Adversity]

By drawing strength from her personal story of moving from victim to survivor to VICTOR, Elizabeth teaches students the skills they need to stay positive, committed and consistent when faced with life challenges and disappointments.

As someone who has overcome adversity and survived the unimaginable, Elizabeth knows the power of mindset and desire. 

This presentation combines Elizabeth's story with effective strategies students can implement when facing obstacles and stumbling blocks.

6 Elements To Accomplish Growth

Making a commitment to personal development is the first step to personal fulfillment. It's about taking the time to invest in your greatest resource - YOU.


In this presentation, Elizabeth breaks down the 6 elements to accomplish personal growth: Choose, Learn, Create a Plan, Commit, Execute, and Never Get Comfortable.


When these 6 elements are working harmoniously, you are achieving your highest level of success.


‘Deliberately develop yourself as a tool for future accomplishments instead of passively burning yourself out. Live deliberately and — most importantly — joyFULL.’ Elizabeth

Raising Resilient Youth

For School Educators, Administrators, Staff, Parents & Caregivers)

In this presentation, Elizabeth offers insight and practical tools for fostering courage, strength, hope, and compassion in your teens as she provides ways to help you (as a parent or educator) focus on your child's strengths, not on his or her weaknesses.


Elizabeth encourages the audience to think of their daily interactions with their students/teens and to place themselves in their shoes by asking ‘If someone responded to me the way I responded to my children, would I walk away from that interaction feeling stronger, would I feel loved, would I be a more resilient person, or would I feel more defeated?" 


This presentation covers the 6 keys to Raising Resilient Teens.



Youth Workshops:


  • The Currency of Self-Worth

  • Drama-Free Living

  • Vision It (Vision Boards)

  • she SPEAKS (Workshop Series)

  • Vision, Plan and Execute a Life You Love

  • Your Core Desired Feelings

Elizabeth was a wonderful speaker. The girls we very engaged and learned a lot. She is dynamic and really drives the message of self-love home.

Nikkieta D'Souza

Moderns Department 

St. Francis Xavier S.S.

Her presentations are always amazing. Hence why we bring her back every year for each semester.  Elizabeth speaks to students in a real and honest way and shares her life's experiences with the understanding that students learn from her stories.  All of her lectures are extremely relevant and speak to the difficult issues that many of our students face today.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth!

Maureen Carolan,

Program Teacher, Dual Credit Program 

Hazel McCallion Campus,  

Sheridan College Mississauga 

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