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Nakeisha Geddes, 1:1 Coaching | she SPEAKS

Elizabeth has been the fire I needed to push me to the next level. January 2017 was a year of change for me, I was at a place of contentment and was ready to step outside of my comfort zone. I started 1:1 coaching with Elizabeth on February 2017 and it was the best life changing  decision I've ever made. She was able to motivate me and she believed in me even when I hadn't believe in myself. Elizabeth used her skills and experiences to teach her clients how to walk into their purpose. One year later, I'm an author and a business owner and all this was possible because I made an investment towards my dream.


Keisha Smith, she SPEAKS

Elizabeth is AMAZING!! I love her determination and the passion she has for helping others. I am thankful to know her and to take part in the ‘she Speaks’ Academy where I’m learning to not only craft my message but how to apply the 80/20 rule to my craft. 

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Latonyia Sumpster, she SPEAKS

Thank you Elizabeth for being who god called you be. You have changed my life in many ways. I stand firm when I said your the best investment I've made in myself in 2018. I've never been so comfortable to share my inner secrets with the world until I met you. Your holding me accountable in many ways and also helping me transform my life  from health, business and personal life. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your true gift of serving  others with me. You've been a blessing to me!!!


Victoria Morgan, she SPEAKS

Elizabeth is AMAZING!! I love her determination and the passion she has for helping others. I am thankful to know her and to take part in the She Speaks I registered for the She speaks academy with Elizabeth and so far I am completely pleased with what I have learnt so far.

She helped me get clear on how I serve as well as deciding on my speaking topics. She helps me to look deep and taught me how to craft my story. I am forever grateful. Im looking forward to learning more.

Elizabeth is a timely, professional speaker who genuinely cares about her students.

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Maxine Balgrove, she SPEAKS

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me over the past couple of months. I recall the first time I heard you speak, I was immediately drawn to you because of your authenticity and your genuineness to want to serve. I am so glad we are now connected. Your guidance and support during our text messages over the past couple of months has helped me to shift my thought patterns and learn to be brave enough to step out and into my purpose.  Thank You! I'm currently enrolled in your She Speaks Coaching Academy training and so far the experience has been very uplifting and educational. The way you coach the group is so different than any that I've experienced and it's because you coach with LOVE. I've learn a tremendous amount of tips so far and I look forward to learning more. It's helping me to build my confidence to step on a stage and share my story and I can hardly wait for that day to happen.