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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Baring ones soul, for the purpose of influencing others to grow and accept the healing that is available,  is one of the greatest gifts a philanthropist can offer. This is the gift Elizabeth Correia offers her readers.   If you played in my playground shares Elizabeth's truth,  a truth which gives permission to others, to rise above painful moments in their story and turn their trials into triumphant.

Sherrese Bleary 

Educator, Television Show Host

Elizabeth's story is compelling and heartbreaking! But, more importantly, the role she plays today is an uplifting one for all who come in contact with her. We have watched her work first-hand. She engages people, both young and old, and she uses her experiences to provide a path for all of them to follow toward a better life.

John D. Fleming


Rotary Club of Etobicoke

Youth Speaking

Elizabeth was a wonderful speaker. The girls we very engaged and learned a lot. She is dynamic and really drives the message of self-love home.

Nikkieta D'Souza

Moderns Department 

St. Francis Xavier S.S.

Her presentations are always amazing. Hence why we bring her back every year for each semester.  Elizabeth speaks to students in a real and honest way and shares her life's experiences with the understanding that students learn from her stories.  All of her lectures are extremely relevant and speak to the difficult issues that many of our students face today.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth!

Maureen Carolan,

Program Teacher, Dual Credit Program 

Hazel McCallion Campus,  

Sheridan College Mississauga 

Elizabeth Correia, is a talented motivational speaker who worked with my Alternative Education class a few times over the last few years. Her innate ability to connect to students through her story of pain to success is natural and remarkable. Elizabeth speaks with passion, conviction and empathy to students who are often experiencing life circumstances common to her own. She has a distinctive ability to empower students through her journey, hardships, and faith in God. As an Educator, I’m most impressed by how many students are motivated to read her memoir. Students often remark after reading her book they feel that they too can overcome the difficulties in their own lives.   

Priya Mohipp


Loyola Catholic Secondary School

Youth Speaking


Liberty Morra 2.jpeg

Hiring Coach Bella (Elizabeth) as my coach has been one of the best investments I ever made. She has helped me to gain clarity in my passions, life and business. She has taught me the importance of focusing on 'One thing' at a time. That has changed everything for me. Elizabeth is wise, loving and encouraging, she is a great listener, professional, and trustworthy.

Liberty Morra

1:1 Client

Paula .jpeg

I reached out to Elizabeth at a very difficult time in my life. I was looking for guidance because I knew I wanted more to life than just a 9-5. I knew I was making th right decision because she’s been an inspiration to so many women and I saw the difference she had made in their lives. She has been a leader and a friend along this new journey of mine. I’m forever grateful to her.

Paula Tamburro

1:1 Client

Jassette kormos.jpeg

Elizabeth has helped me recognize my gifts and how I can use them to make a difference in the world. She’s passionate, patient and dedicated to your success. I didn't just find a coach, I found a friend.

Jassette Kormos

1:1 Client

Jackie Nugent.jpeg

Working with Elizabeth gave me the structured guidance I needed to wake up from dream mode and make my vision a reality. Elizabeth was able to help to simplify the complexities of my enormous passion and clarify my purpose, which gave me the much needed boost I needed to confidently get started. If you are anything like I was, feeling stuck, yet knowing that there was much more laying dormant inside, then Elizabeth is the one for you too!

Jackie Nugent

1:1 Client

nakeisha geddes.jpg

Elizabeth has been the fire I needed to push me to the next level. This was a year of complete transformation for me. I was at a place of contentment and was ready to step outside of my comfort zone. I then started my 1:1 coaching sessions with Elizabeth and it was the best life changing  decision I've ever made. Elizabeth uses her skills and experiences to teach and equip her clients on how to walk into their purpose. Today, I'm an author and a successful business owner and all this was possible because I made an investment towards my dream.

Nakeisha Geddes

1:1 Coaching Session

Latonyia Sumpster.jpeg

Elizabeth has changed my life in many ways. She is the best investment I've made in myself thus far. I've never been so comfortable to share my inner secrets with the world until I met her. She holds me accountable in many ways and has been a blessing to me!!!

Latonyia Sumpster

she SPEAKS Signature Program

Women's Transformational Speaking


Elizabeth Correia is the real deal. Her genuine passion and motivation as a speaker and coach is clear. When she speaks, she speaks from a place of wisedom and experience, after  having risen from unimaginable circumstances. She truly wants to share this empowerment, inspiration and faith with as many young girls and women as possible.

Daniella Bloom

Women's Transformational Speaking

Elizabeth was like a divine messenger to a group of us women who had it all but were still missing that something.  In a short time and with a lot of clarity and heart, Elizabeth brought us down to a landing spot and made every women in the room realize their potential and abilities to achieve their life goals.     


I recommend Elizabeth as an insightful, fun loving,  heart-centered, passionate,  results-oriented life success coach and after one coaching session - your friend!

Melanie Nazareth



We’ve used Elizabeth to emcee various types of events and have been very pleased with her performance and versatility. She is a bright light that brings a warm, friendly and positive energy to  each event. But, what’s most impressive is her great sense of humour and incredible ability to captivate and engage her audience.


Founder of Much2Celebrate

A friend of mine had recommended Elizabeth as a speaker, and I am absolutely thrilled and thankful that I hired her. Not only is her presence inspirational and powerful, but her speaking performances have never been less than incredible. Her story and delivery is so moving. She spoke at my first ever Women's Empowerment event, and have had her speak at nearly every event since. The community we built loves her and continues to look up to her. She truly knows how to brighten, move, and IMPACT a crowd.

Daniella Kadri

Founder of Ladies Lift Events

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