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Elizabeth's story is compelling and heartbreaking! But, more importantly, the role she plays today is an uplifting one for all who come in contact with her. We have watched her work first-hand. She engages people, both young and old, and she uses her experiences to provide a path for all of them to follow toward a better life.

- John D. Fleming


Rotary Club of Etobicoke


‘If You Played in My Playground’ is a temporal experience. It hearkens back to a youth gone by but makes certain the reader is aware that this is Elizabeth’s playground. And with this comes a life you have not experienced until now when you walk alongside throughout her tumultuous story.


In Elizabeth’s debut novel her unique new voice tells the story of a Portuguese woman navigating the ghetto of Toronto. She trudges through ill-gotten neighborhoods with the knowledge that they are her own and carries a strong will through welfare, drug trafficking, a lost lover, and all forms of physical and sexual abuse. She becomes as hardened as the ones who wronged her; unable to clean the wounds she bore at such a tender age. She is unable to understand why the world has taken everything away from her including the one person who loved her unconditionally: Her Avo (grandmother). Slowly, she finds love incrementally through the birth and rearing of her son Keeno and is saved by God in the eyes of the church.

Elizabeth’s story imprints itself on you with its’ heartbreaking honesty and her remarkable ability to recall the details of her own coming of age. It is a story that needs to be told and a beacon for women and girls everywhere.


This is a memoir detailing her own life and reflects the extreme circumstances of violence and abuse she dealt with at a young age. This book was a cathartic and cleansing experience for her and a story she needs to tell the world.


It’s relevance spans Toronto and illuminates an underbelly Torontonians should be exposed to. It’s also a part of her request to create awareness for people (around the world) about the effects of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.


Elizabeth's Story Cannot Be Missed...



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About The Author

Elizabeth Correia empowers women and girls around the world to raise their level of awareness by helping them remember and recognize their inner beauty and true self-worth. 


She has dedicated her story and career to helping women use their gifts and voice to heal-in order to step into their greatest potential by gaining courage, confidence, and skills to share their life-changing work with the world.


Elizabeth helps them understand how to release their self-doubts, limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties that are holding them back from achieving their life purpose, visions, and goals.


With her charismatic, unapologetically stylish presence and relatable storytelling, she gives women (and girls) the permission to be themselves and the tools to create a life of joy, peace, freedom and fulfillment.

Elizabeth is available for speaking engagements, keynote addresses and retreats.


If you’re searching for a speaker for an upcoming event, Elizabeth will deliver a life changing transformational lecture – that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Email with your event information and dates and a team member will get back to you shortly to begin the conversation on topics and booking Elizabeth for your event.

Baring ones soul, for the purpose of influencing others to grow and accept the healing that is available,  is one of the greatest gifts a philanthropist can offer. This is the gift Elizabeth Correia offers her readers. If you played in my playground shares Elizabeth's truth,  a truth which gives permission to others, to rise above painful moments in their story and turn their trials into triumphant.

- Sherrese Bleary

Educator, Television Show Host

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Elizabeth was like a divine messenger to a group of us women who had it all but were still missing that something.  In a short time and with a lot of clarity and heart, Elizabeth brought us down to a landing spot and made every women in the room realize their potential and abilities to achieve their life goals.   

- Melanie Nazareth

Elizabeth Correia, is a talented motivational speaker who worked with my Alternative Education class a few times over the last few years. Her innate ability to connect to students through her story of pain to success is natural and remarkable. Elizabeth speaks (and writes) with passion, conviction and empathy to students who are often experiencing life circumstances common to her own. She has a distinctive ability to empower students through her journey, hardships, and faith in God. As an Educator, I’m most impressed by how many students are motivated to read her memoir. Students often remark after reading her book they feel that they too can overcome the difficulties in their own lives. 

- Danielle Bloom

Elizabeth Correia is the real deal. Her genuine passion and motivation as a writer is clear. When she speaks and writes from a place of wisdom and experience. She has risen from unimaginable circumstances. She truly wants to share this empowerment, inspiration and faith with as many young girls and women as possible. Her memoir and everything about her reminds me of Jenny from the Block meets Oprah.

Elizabeth’s memoir is one that every women, man and young adult should read. It is one of the most compelling books I’ve read….incredibly bold and heart rending. Elizabeth fought through unimaginable circumstances and now uses her story to inspire people to heal and serve.

- Chris Glover

MPP for Spadina Fort York

- Priya Mohipp


Loyola Catholic Secondary School

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