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If You Played in My Playground

‘If You Played in My Playground’ is a temporal experience. It hearkens back to a youth gone by but makes certain the reader is aware that this is Elizabeth’s playground. And with this comes a life you have not experienced until now when you walk alongside throughout her tumultuous story.

In Elizabeth’s debut novel her unique new voice tells the story of a Portuguese woman navigating the ghetto of Toronto. She trudges through ill- gotten neighborhoods with a knowledge that they are her own and carries a strong will through welfare, drug trafficking, lost lovers and all forms of physical and sexual abuse. 

Elizabeth’s story imprints itself on you with its’ heartbreaking honesty and her remarkable ability to recall the details of her own coming of age. It is a story that needs to be told and a beacon for women everywhere.


The Deva Girl Guide

Are you ready to believe the DEVA in you?

Hey Bella, I'm so glad you're here! While healing my way back to life-after emergency brain surgery, something else happened along the way, I discovered parts of myself I had lost or didn't even know existed. I found PEACE, HEALTH, LOVE and WHOLENESS. I also discovered a purpose for my life and a passion for helping other women find wholeness, too.

So are you ready to embark on a life changing journey? GREAT!

Now...go ahead and download the D.e.v.a Girl eGuide and start to believe in the Divine, Exalted, Victorious, Angelic Woman in YOU!