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Elizabeth is a leading authority on empowering Women to find their voice and authentic self. She provides a platform for women to share their message with the world through speaking at Women’s empowerment workshops, retreats, and conferences.      

Many of her clients have found after implementing the power of her “Pain to Purpose” formula, that they have transformed their relationships, businesses, and their life by seeing their own brilliance in a new light. They enjoy a more joyful and fulfilling life in authenticity and most importantly, they find inner peace and freedom.


Awakening The 4 Levels To Permanent Transformation

Transformation is happening when we respond and react to the world differently than before. It’s a process that starts and ends with you. The experience can be as simple as an insight into an obstacle that was blocking you, or as grand as a fundamental shift in your perspective on who you are—in work, relationships, or community. You can shed old identities, such as the lost child, stressed-out worker, or inadequate teacher/parent, and emerge confident that a new direction is possible.


This workshop is about who you are and the journey to who you’re becoming. 

Elizabeth shares the 4 keys to unlock what you need to permanently transform your life so that you may become the creator of your own destiny.

The 4 Pillars To Self Worth

Self-worth is at the core of our very selves — our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are intimately tied into how we view our worthiness and value as human beings.

Understanding self-worth changes the entire core of your being. With the realization of self-worth, there is no need to search for what is already there.

In this keynote or workshop, Elizabeth shares the four components to self-worth:

  • Self Awareness

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Self-Love

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We’ve used Elizabeth to emcee various types of events and have been very pleased with her performance and versatility. She is a bright light that brings a warm, friendly and positive energy to  each event. But, what’s most impressive is her great sense of humour and incredible ability to captivate and engage her audience.

- Mitsty

Founder of Much2Celebrate


Journey Through the 4 Phases of Elevation

Pain > Passion > Purpose > PAYOFF


Every experience we have is neutral; we get to choose whether it's good or bad. As a survivor of sexual abuse, a foster child, teen mother, and a brain surgery survivor, Elizabeth understands the importance of perspective and being able to see the light in all things. She is a firm believer that when we go through trials and tribulations, they just aren't happening to us but FOR us.

In this engaging talk and through the power of storytelling, Elizabeth takes her audiences on a journey, allowing them to fully understand the steps to achieve true success. She shares her story of resilience and gives the 4-step prescription for elevating through the possibilities within. 

Elizabeth empowers her audience to take reign over their lives and go on their own ‘elevation’ journey from pain to PAYOFF - which is how we get to use our passion to contribute to the healing of the world.


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Faith Based Organizations

From Pain To Purpose

We’re all destined for change and we'll all transform into something as we live our lives. Elizabeth helps her audience navigate this permanent transformation process as she shares her story of pain and despair, and then finding her voice and identity. She talks about the gift of adversity and how it not only builds resilience but helps us cultivate a deep gratitude for life. In this talk, Elizabeth reveals her personal journey from all forms of abuse, abandonment, and rejection, to forgiveness and freedom, and finally to a life beyond anything she could have imagined. Through the power of storytelling, she teaches her audience how to look at their story as something that happened FOR them, not TO them.

When God Calls You To Something Bigger Than You

Doing what God calls you to do requires faith, trust, prayer, time, resources, and admitting that you can’t do it without Him. He often calls us into big callings because He is a big God who thinks big. We often think that God's plan for us will only benefit us and a small group of people around us, but the truth is God is always calling believers for greater levels of influence and impact. In this presentation, Elizabeth draws strength from her personal testimony and shares the 3 keys to discover and fulfill God's calling on your life.

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