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                                                               is a women’s coaching and speaking business designed to help women become more successful by upping their level of self-worth which increases their ability to create a life and business they want for themselves.                                                             

Correia Enterprises


To inspire millions of women to raise their level of awareness by helping them remember and recognize their inner beauty and true self-worth. We help women understand how to release their self-doubts, limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, or the lack of confidence or uncertainty that is holding them back from achieving their life purpose, visions, and goals.


To build an on and offline women’s transformational speaking and coaching business where women and girls can come to discover and fulfill their purpose and transform into it PERMANENTLY; helping them to develop the strategy and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

Elizabeth Correia

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Sought after speaker, author, and transformational coach Elizabeth Correia is an award-winning

entrepreneur with an unbelievable story of transformation and a contagious zest for life. Through trial and triumph,

Elizabeth has built her career on her unwavering strength and a strong mission to impact others through

her own story.


Born and raised in the projects of Toronto Canada, Elizabeth had a rough upbringing riddled with abuse,

poverty, and foster care, which landed her on the streets at a young age. As a means to survive, she

sold drugs and found herself pregnant at 16.  After going to jail one too many times Elizabeth made a commitment to change, and although it wasn't easy, she began her transformation. 


But as her life began to change she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had to undergo a five-hour emergency brain surgery that nearly took her life.. She not only survived, she thrived and only a few

months later she published her bestselling book 'If You Played In My Playground' detailing her life



Armed with her story and a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and helping others maximize their potential, Elizabeth knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd and provide

meaningful anecdotes so that others can effectively walk in their own power..

About Page_ Our Stories Are Our Greatest

I teach 

women how to push through their story

- Elizabeth Correia

Elizabeth is also the founder and creator

of the ‘Suite Spot’ Membership Club where

she has dedicated her story and career

to helping women use their gifts and

voice to heal-in order to step into their

greatest potential by gaining courage,

confidence, and skills to share their

ife-changing work with the world.

Today, Elizabeth continues to share her message

with youth speaking to thousands about hope, resilience, and the power of transformation. 


She also mentors women to amplify their communication, connection, and confidence so

they can make an influential impact on the world. Through her program called ˜The Suite Spot™

she works with aspiring entrepreneurs guiding

her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate

their business. Emphasizing the message

that you have to put in the work because real transformation doesn't happen overnight.


Through all her endeavours Elizabeth has helped hundreds of people go from good to great by

sharing her own story of growth and

transformation, along with the tools she used

to get there.


She is an accomplished transformational

speaker and entrepreneur living in

Toronto, Canada, where she helps new and

aspiring female entrepreneurs live more meaningful lives by discovering their purpose and transforming into it PERMANENTLY.

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If You Played In My Playground

‘If You Played in My Playground’ is a temporal experience. It hearkens back to a youth gone by but makes certain the reader is aware that this is Elizabeth’s playground. And with this comes a life you have not experienced until now when you walk alongside throughout her tumultuous story.

In Elizabeth’s debut novel her unique new voice tells the story of a Portuguese woman navigating the ghetto of Toronto. She trudges through ill-gotten neighborhoods with the knowledge that they are her own and carries a strong will through welfare, drug trafficking, lost lovers, and all forms of physical and sexual abuse. 

Elizabeth’s story imprints itself on you with its’ heartbreaking honesty and her remarkable ability to recall the details of her own coming of age. It is a story that needs to be told and a beacon for women everywhere.

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