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What Women Want Today


with Terri & Elizabeth

Each week, on the podcast, we’ll be bringing you personal, controversial, intriguing and soul-awakening stories in addition to candid conversations with incredibly inspiring and influential women who are teaching and showing us what it looks like to live life with passion, purpose and fulfillment….in midlife.


We, women in midlife, have unlimited potential, passions, skills and desires, and here on our podcast, we share it all!


Midlife brings many changes in a woman's life. Our bodies are changing so much it can feel a little scary and upsetting. It affects our mental well-being and relationships with our significant others. Many women also become empty nesters now, and we can be left wondering what's next? If you're looking for a community of women, so you don't have to go through this alone, you've come to the right spot.


The days of dismissing our desires are over!


So let’s manifest that energy to create what we want

TODAY…. together! 

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