Hosting & Emceeing

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More and more, corporations, leading organizations and event planners are realizing the value in entrusting the flow and continuity of their biggest events to a professional by hiring an MC, moderator or facilitator. More than just an emcee, a moderator can add value to a conference, summit, workshop, forum or panel by setting the tone, enhancing and reinforcing key content, acting as a conduit between speakers and presentations, smoothing over potential rough patches and delivering full circle closure at the event’s conclusion.


A proficient Master of Ceremonies can also change the paradigm of an event so that the relationship of the speaker to the audience resembles more of a dialogue by giving a voice to the attendees.

Elizabeth provides a dynamic presence and wealth of skill and experience in the fields of speaking, coaching, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship  and entertainment.

A good emcee is the glue that holds your event together and keeps things running smoothly. If you want to keep the energy up and attendees focused at your next conference, bring in Elizabeth to be your event emcee.

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As your emcee she will:

  • Add excitement to your event without stealing the spotlight.

  • Make your leaders and the other speakers look like heroes.

  • Bring just the right touch of (appropriate) humor.

  • Offer spontaneous “call backs” to things and events from earlier in the conference.

  • Be well-prepared to introduce other speakers.

  • Make any awards banquet fun and memorable.

  • Handle announcements and transitions.

  • Moderate panel discussions.