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2 Coaches In A Room
with Glenn P. Brooks Jr
& Elizabeth Correia
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We are 2 Speakers and Coaches on a mission to help courageous and passionate entrepreneurs start and build a profitable speaking business. 


Imagine getting paid to share your story, being the go-to person in your area of expertise, getting media coverage, building a community of leaders, selling out your program, and contributing to the healing of the world with ONE talk, ONE message and ONE presentation. Elizabeth & Glenn will guide you throughout this journey.


Building a Speaking Business that you love, all comes from showing up in your truth while speaking on LIVE and virtual stages.

In this program, Glenn and I will show you how to:

  • Get clear on your why

  • Discover and craft your story

  • Create one talk / one workshop to sell multiple times to multiple audiences

  • Understand the difference between your ideal audience and client

  • Understand the power of email marketing

  • Create visibility on social media

  • How to entertain and engage your audience

  • Discover and Define your ONE THING


Knowing without a doubt your story, your message, your purpose, and how it all fits together to create powerful talks and presentations is exactly what the world is waiting for. There is a world of people out here waiting to be served by you. Their healing & their breakthrough is wrapped up in your story!

It's Your Time To...
  • Get Clear On Your Unique Purpose

  • Learn How To Get Paid For Being Your Unique Self

  • Gain Confidence To Share Your Story

  • Launch Your Passion Project / Business

  • Kill The Dream Killers In Your Life

  • Plan and Execute With Like-Minded Folk


1-1 Coaching Opportunity to
What You've Learned
  • We’ll help you design your very own program or workshop series with impact and meaning.

  • You’ll learn how to powerfully connect with your online audience.

  • How to effortlessly have people wanting more of you.

  • How to scale and grow your business.

  • The in’s and out’s of Social Media Marketing & which platforms to focus on

  • Branding 101

  • How to pitch the media

  • Understand your existing revenue streams and help you create, generate, and grow new revenue streams.

  • Write your first eBook / Workbook

  • Marketing and Networking

  • How to build your email database

  • Transform free speaking gigs into high-profit opportunities

  • The in’s and out’s of creating Live videos for social media

Starting your own public-speaking business can be a rewarding experience. It will give you the opportunity to speak in front of a widely diverse group of people from industry professionals, schools, event planners to clubs, and nonprofit organizations. It gives you an opportunity to meet potential clients, establish credibility, and set your own fees. That’s the icing on the cake!

And We Want To Show You How!

Are You Ready To Create A Speaking Business That

Lights You Up?
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