he coaching & consulting process results in a fresh new perspective, exciting (yet practical & effective) ideas for you and your business, finalized documentation (specific to package & tailored to business needs), action items and a renewed confidence in moving forward.

Business Development

Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. A simple business strategy can take your business to the next level.


Stay Accountable

Successful people use coaches because it keeps them accountable and allows them to make quick progress. We will motivate, support you and help you to make improvements in your life and business.

Package your services

We’ll refine your services to ensure they suit how you want to work in your business. Streamlining your offerings will save you time and energy and enable you to plan for a flow of consistent revenue.

Position and price your brand

We’ll position you in your market that reflects the value you deliver and your clients expected results. We’ll put the final touches on your sales page with pricing that matches your positioning.

Determine your ideal client

We’ll dive into what your most valuable client wants and the most desired results you get for them. We’ll create a sales page designed to draw in clients who are ready to buy right now.

'she SPEAKS' Three Month Coaching Program

Learn how to master the art of storytelling to reach and inspire
thousands with your unique story and message.

$420 (Payment plan available),
3 Month, 1 Weekly Call

Q 1: Your Mindset & Your WHY, Discover Your Message, Craft Your Message / Workshop, Present Your Message

Q 2: Personal & Professional Branding 101, Social Media / Pictures & Videos, Connecting with Your Audience, Website / Bios / Marketing Materials

Q 3: Speaking Equipment, Bookings / Proposals, Presentations, Books / eBooks / Give Away

FINAL Session: Live Half Day Workshop
Bonuses: **Recordings from previous weeks, worksheets, PDF’s, templates, FREE Access to Live Workshop

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she CAN & she WILL Group Coaching Academy

(Weekly Power Calls)

This is a Personal & Professional Development Community to connect with like-minded women to share goals, visions, resources and to expand your own network in a private group that will challenge you to think, vision, plan and execute. Weekly calls will be hosted by Speaker and Coach Elizabeth Correia. There will be weekly homework assignments to be completed for the following week.

  • Worksheets, tools, resources
  • Personal &Professional Development Book Club
  • Guest Speakers
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Private Facebook Group
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1:1 Personal Coaching With Elizabeth

This is a 6-week coaching program where we focus on a topic of your choice.
From a business plan / review to addressing a challenge or goal.
We will meet by Skype, Zoom or in person to vision, plan and execute the life and business you love.
I will provide you with specific insights, suggestions, recommendations and action steps (homework) to help you take your life and business to the next level.
Creating a life you want to live and having a global impact isn’t just a dream, it’s the life you were born and created to have.Register Today!

For more information, email [email protected]

she CAN & she WILL Coaching Academy

If You Played In My Playground

Kindle Edition 

‘If You Played in My Playground’ is a temporal experience. It hearkens back to a youth gone by but makes certain the reader is aware that this is Elizabeth’s playground. And with this comes a life you have not experienced until now when you walk alongside throughout her tumultuous story.

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