Maxine Balgrove, she SPEAKS

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me over the past couple of months. I recall the first time I heard you speak, I was immediately drawn to you because of your authenticity and your genuineness to want to serve. I am so glad we are now connected. Your guidance and support during our text messages over the past couple of months has helped me to shift my thought patterns and learn to be brave enough to step out and into my purpose.  Thank You! I'm currently enrolled in your She Speaks Coaching Academy training and so far the experience has been very uplifting and educational. The way you coach the group is so different than any that I've experienced and it's because you coach with LOVE. I've learn a tremendous amount of tips so far and I look forward to learning more. It's helping me to build my confidence to step on a stage and share my story and I can hardly wait for that day to happen.