Keynote Speeches


From Pain to Purpose

We are all destined for change. We will all transform into something as we live our lives. Elizabeth helps the audience navigate this transformation process.


  • Moving from pain to purpose

  • Drawing strength from your adversaries

  • The power of choic

7 Keys To Success

Success does not belong to a select few; success belongs to “you,” if you’re willing to go after it. Elizabeth will talk about life changing keys to success that will help alter your life.


  • Centering your life on the correct principles

  • Focusing from the INSIDE-OUT

  • Creating your message out of your mess


I Am Worth It

Sometimes we settle for less, and simply “accept” cards dealt because deep inside, we don’t believe we deserve more.


  • Increase your self-esteem / self-confidence

  • Achieve the goals and dreams of your heart

  • Be ready for inspired actions that lead to BIG results


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Key Note Speeches from Elizabeth Correia