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You've got big dreams?

I can help you own them. When we work together 1:1, I help you reach a point where you wake up every day feeling free, confident, bullet proof and crystal-clear headed.

Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy. A life coach is simply a supporting role in an individuals’ life. Life coaches help their clients realize their full potential, set goals, make a plan and then execute; all while holding their client accountable on the journey.


1 : 1 Coaching

Coaching empowers a person to uncover and discover the apex of his potential. Each package will assess passions, seeking who a client wants to become. A personal roadmap and plan is then formulated for reaching the desired destination.


Group Coaching

Group coaching provides a safe space for individuals to work on their fears + self-limiting beliefs, master clear thinking + intentional action and learn from the collective wisdom of a group.

She helps me to look deep and taught me how to craft my story.
— Victoria Morgan, she SPEAKS
Elizabeth Correia


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