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Reserve your spot for a comprehensive Business Basics for Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Elizabeth.

Ok Bella’s,

with Summer fast approaching,
it’s time to destroy those ‘Dream Killers’ and kick procrastination out the door!
We all know how busy things can get with busyness of summer fun; family barbecues, camping, vacations, trips to the cottage, the kids, sports and just good ol’summer vibez.
So, I decided to create this FREE Webinar Training to share the 3 TOP Business Ingredients for Aspiring Entrepreneurs during your busy summer days.


I personally speak to small business owners and entrepreneurs every day, and while they come from all different industries and places, it is PASSION, FREEDOM and COMMUNITY that have been the main drivers determining their success of failure, regression or progress.

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PASSION is your drive and the love of what you do and who you serve.

FREEDOM is the ability to spend your time and money as you see it.

COMMUNITY should be at the core of your business.
If you make community and impact a key part of your business from day one,
you will make an impact on someone’s life every day.

What is sitting at the centre of your heart? What is your company’s impact on the world or your community? Is that vision BIG enough to keep you motivated during the busy hot summer days?

How bad do you want it?

Look, I get it! It’s ok and definitely necessary for you to enjoy life. I’m all about that. The key is to not give up on what you’ve started just because it’s summer.

Have a plan of execution for what you’ll work on create as an entrepreneur and let that be a force to drive you forward over the next few months.

Passion, freedom, and community are not isolated. They work together and are achieved together.
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In this webinar, we’re going to identify your passion and what freedom means to YOU.

You’ll get clear on the impact you want your business to have and then learn how to weave your answers into every aspect of your business.




You don’t have to hold off on your dream life just because it’s summer. Don’t let the whole ‘ohh it’s summer’ mindset kick in.

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Business Basics for Aspiring Entrepreneurs is a multi-layered introductory course geared toward preparing and equipping future entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to make strategic, informed and calculated decisions regarding the planning, structure, setup and running of a successful business.

This course is designed to walk you through the basics of various stages involved in the business development process. Topics covered in this course include: Mindset, Purpose for starting your business, target market/demographics , services/products, branding, social media marketing, business structures, finances and much more.


Hey Bella!


I get it. Change can be overwhelming but we still need to start somewhere. So how about I walk you through your own personal journey? Get your FREE 30 Minute Breakthrough Session here.

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...the experience has been very uplifting and educational.
— Maxine Balgrove, she SPEAKS