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Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them. A simple business strategy can take your business to the next level.


Stay Acountable

Successful people use coaches because it keeps them accountable and allows them to make quick progress. We will motivate, support you and help you to make improvements in your life and business.

Package Your Services

We’ll refine your services to ensure they suit how you want to work in your business. Streamlining your offerings will save you time and energy and enable you to plan for a flow of consistent revenue.

Position and Price Your Brand

We’ll position you in your market that reflects the value you deliver and your clients expected results. We’ll put the final touches on your sales page with pricing that matches your positioning.

Determine Your Ideal Client

We’ll dive into what your most valuable client wants and the most desired results you get for them. We’ll create a sales page designed to draw in clients who are ready to buy right now.
Elizabeth Correia - Building Your Speaking Business


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Career, Work & Business

  • Improve career satisfaction

  • Discover your purpose through your passion

  • Transition to a fulfilling career

  • Start or grow your business

  • Transform your money mindset

Emotional & Physical Well-Being

  • Eliminate worries, stress and anxiety

  • Lose weight and gain energy

  • Create individualized workout & eating plans (with what works for you)

  • Intense juicing workshops


People & Relationships

  • How to become the person you want to fall in love with

  • Forgive and let GO

  • Learn effective communication

  • Cultivate support networks

  • How to live an authentic life

Career Planning

  • Building a Speaking Career

  • Healing from Abuse

  • Building Healthy Relationships

  • Health & Wellness

  • Setting Professional & Personal Goals

  • Entrepreneurship


Hey Bella!

I get it. Change can be overwhelming but we still need to start somewhere. So how about I walk you through your own personal journey? Get your FREE 30 Minute Breakthrough Session here.
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  • Learn how to kill the dream killers

  • Create weekly goals and stick to them

  • Gain Clarity about your life’s blueprint

  • Deepen your relationship by taking care of yourself

  • Gain confidence to get you to the next level

  • Understand exactly what you need to do to bring more joy into your life.

  • Recreate your story

I will not enforce a specific formula on you.
— Elizabeth Correia

If you are truly committed to your personal growth, you’re open to new perspectives, and you’re ready for things to be different, private coaching sessions is the fastest way to achieve your desired results.

Everyone has a unique desire and path; therefore I will not enforce a specific formula on you.

This private coaching experience can cover any topic you like, from a general business review to addressing a particular challenge or personal goals. We’ll meet in person, online or by telephone to go over your concerns and/or challenges. I will provide specific insights, recommendations and action steps to help you take your business to that next level.


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Elizabeth is a well-loved, heart moving, and thought provoking inspirational speaker and retreat facilitator. She also offers practical strategies and tools that take you out of your comfort zone in order to focus in on achieving your dreams.



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