Do You Have What it Takes?

Ok, so what does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset? What is the definition of an entrepreneurial mindset?

Definition of entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial mindset refers to a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. Individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.

Look, this is one of the things I have to work on everyday. 


Conditioning my mind for success. It’s not an easy thing. It takes work, determination, patience, focus…but once you get what it takes to have an entrepreneurial mindset, there’s no stopping you.

It’s about getting clear. It’s about time blocking. Learning. Growing. Avoiding those distractions that can easily get in our way. 

You’ve got to get clear on those things that are holding you back and get clear on what you need to be doing to PUSH you forward.

What does a Business mindset person look like? 

A business minded person sees many things in life as purely transactional. A business minded person is expected to be direct, open, and fair. Her vision is clear. She has an idea of what she wants, where she’s going and how she’s getting there. 


She does a lot of work on herself and a lot of prepping on herself…while she’s getting ready for success. She see’s every day as an opportunity for success. It goes beyond financial gain. She understands that her destiny is controlled by the choices she makes. As Tony Robbins puts it.

So to me, mindset is absolutely fundamental and a crucial element of building a successful business.

What are your mindset blocks?

Once you’re aware of what it is that’s holding you back, it’s like a major breakthrough!

Success is something all career-driven individuals desire yet it eludes many people -- at least at the levels desired. Why are some business people successful and others not?

It has everything to do with habits, beliefs, passion, flexibility and attitude.

Often there's nothing really different between one entrepreneur and another in terms of ability, as each person can do whatever he or she wants. What it all comes down to is having the frame of mind to set practical habits and keep a balance between attachment and commitment and letting things happen. 

Here are a five mindsets for success:


Attitude is everything. A negative attitude decreases success and a positive attitude creates success. Without that belief in yourself, you'll lack a path to success. 

Success is something that's created. It's not something that merely "happens.”


When you firmly believe in yourself, you can achieve virtually anything: It's within this belief that you'll find the power to create the resilience and fortitude needed to keep going when things get tough.

Whom you surround yourself with is among the most important choices you'll make as you climb up the business ladder. Negativity is contagious and if work groups, especially bosses, are negative, it will affect everyone and everything you put your hands on.

To reach the goals you desire, be willing to rid your team of toxic people immediately.

It only takes one toxic person to destroy everything you’ve built or are building. Further, when you surround yourself with other goal-oriented individuals, you can learn from them and take on some of their habits to add to your own as you proceed along your road to success.


Visualization is powerful because actions follow thoughts. You’ve got to make your goals visual. Some people use vision boards. And others set goals identifying specific dates for their achievement.

Whatever works best is a matter for the individual to figure out.


I believe that anything that's written down is more likely to be achieved than visions kept only in the head. When you make your purpose visual, you make it real. When you keep them in your mind, they remain wishes.


Selectivity creates success. You must think deeply and intelligently about the bigger picture and what it is you need for each step along the way to continue articulating and executing your business goals.

Mindfulness means being aware of all angles and staying sharply in touch with the present so that you do not have to clean up mistakes in the future.

Be discerning of who you’re suppose to work with and who you’re not. Know when to say NO. The answer is always inside of you. Follow your spirit.


You're more likely to succeed in business when you're invested in your passion and making your career fit your personality.

You may not love every part of your job but tolerating discomforts by looking at the bigger picture makes your investment of time and energy worthwhile.

Be willing to love and find purpose in all aspects of what your business requires, commit to it and see what you're doing as being a benefit to others. When you love the business you're in, there is nothing that can keep you from wanting to work at it, nurture it and make it grow.


So the big question is, what are you willing to do EVER DAY to help you create success?  What are you goin to do for your Business Success Game Plan?

It could be to spend 2 minutes looking over your vision board everyday. It could be to create a board of you don’t already have one. 

Look, When you see life and career in terms of the lack in what you have achieved, you cannot drive your business up the ladder of success. Then negativity is impeding your progress.

You must look at ALL you have and realize how great what you have is as compared to the situation of many others.
Remember, whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T, you’re right.