Why You Need to Find Your Tribe

What You Need To Know About the Importance of Belonging to a Community of Like-Minded Women for All-Round Development

Early in the year I stated three words to live my year by for 2018. And they are the three C's; Community. Collaboration. Consistency. 

As a female entrepreneur and business leader, belonging to a professional community is necessary. One that offers growth, connections, and long term support. After undergoing systemic oppression and additional societal roles, you will need a community of like-minded individuals to lean on. No man is an island. Do not isolate yourself and your business; connect with other people within and outside of your industry to get more information and insight on business management.

As a business owner, one of the most important tools you can use to build your empire is a community. Being part of a community can benefit you in so many ways. Below are some of the benefits of enrolling and belonging to a female professional and personal community.

Benefits of Being in a Community

1. Networking- In a community, you will feel safe enough to share your dreams, achievements, and goals with the other members. This will help you connect with other like-minded women in the group who might want to collaborate with you to achieve similar goals. Other than that, you will be able to network with the women I various industries and expand your empire through networking in this way.

2. Accountability - Sharing your hopes and goals with the members sets up an accountability system. This means that each member is accountable for the goals and plans of the other members. The other members will help you achieve them through motivation, inspiration, and support.

3. Support System- Subscribing to a community of like-minded women will definitely motivate you to achieve your goals. The community will offer you a support system like no other, which will provide inspiration and even resources to fuel your inspiration. Sharing your goals and dreams with the other members will help you connect with women who have similar dreams.

4. Emotional Support - Women are naturally nurturing. This means that other than offering professional aid, they will definitely offer personal guidance and support. All the women across the globe have undergone systemic discrimination. Society deems it unhealthy for a woman to balance a good work ethic and a well run home. The members of the community will definitely take up the role of a sister and help you address and tackle any personal and emotional issue in your life.

5. Source of Advice - The women in the community are of different age groups. Some of them are older in comparison to others. This means that they have more experience with regard to various industries and work ethic. Each member has gone through a personal journey in her industry and life. This means that each person is exposed to certain living conditions and is capable of providing advice and helping the other members get through the obstacles. The community offers a platform where the members can share their downfalls comfortably without judgment. This gives the other members the opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes.

Look, many of us as entrepreneurs just love the idea of being “self-made.”
We love the fact that we get to talk about  pulling ourselves up by their bootstraps to hustle our way to the top, with no help from anyone else. And yeah it may be an appealing idea, but it’s a myth. Completely false. It's tiring, frustrating and selfish.

I mean, look at history, you’ll find that the most influential people in the world never got there alone. They were part of a community of like minded women (and men), friends, elders, coaches and mentors who helped push them to become the people they were destined to BE.

As an entrepreneur, damn it, as a human being- you need to come to terms with the fact that we all need support, and surround yourself with a community of people that will bring out the best of you and love you right now...right where you're at.  No matter what your gifts are of how talented you my be, you’re not going to get very far without learning how to leverage the power of community.

If you're not active in some type of community, it's time to start!

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