Spring Clean Your Way to Self Love!

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2018

When we talk about self-love, what does that really look like?

How do you love and care for yourself? Do you have date nights alone? Do you eat healthy and exercise often? Do you take care of your personal hygiene? Get mani’s and pedi’s often? Do you build and maintain healthy relationships? Do you read and write often? Maybe you have a morning self care routine…do you forgive others? Do you set and fulfill goals? Do you enjoy spending time alone? Do you FEEL free?

And how do you love others? Do you really show up and love the people in your life?

Do you spend quality time with them? Are you a good listener and are you patient?

Do you take the time to understand them? Do you often text or do you take the time to call them? Do you show up and support them? 

Do you speak life into your BUSINESS?

No business will stand firm without knowing and loving who you are. Remember, you are the brand!

The most important person you need to love you (in business and personal relationships) is YOU! No-one will ever believe or love you the way you will be believed or loved when you LOVE YOURSELF.

Self-love isn’t overrated. It’s the first mechanism you need to learn to be kind, loyal and accepting towards your body and soul in order to treat others likewise.

Practice these 5 Steps to Self Love.... Starting TODAY!!

1. FORGIVE (yourself first)

Look, you cannot change what anyone has done to you or whatever they said. What you can do is change the way you've been treating yourself because of it. You can’t cultivate self-love based on other’s opinions, statements, actions or reactions. It comes from within. It comes with ease once you forgive yourself, there are many techniques on the internet you can look up and implement for forgiveness. I use a simple formula “I forgive ....... for ......and I release him/her/myself from this pain and fear.” Literally say it OUT LOUD!


Take time everyday to check in with yourself and with others. Don't let pride and ego get the best of you. Ask yourself and others around you the 'check in' questions. How am I feeling? Am I feeling loved (by myself)? Am I grateful, content, or are other things happening? It takes a just a minute but brings mindfulness to your day. And it takes just a minute to check in with family and friends. Neighbors. Co-workers. Class-mates. Business partners....Listen to their answers. Like really listen.

3. Tear it UP from the Root!

In order to heal, you've got to take off the bandage and let it heal from the INSIDE. Root up the stories, the fears...yourself, you must believe what Gods' word says about YOU. Not what the noise out there is saying. I say noise because that's what it is. Who His word says you were created to BE....IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

'I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well' - Pslams 139:14


“Self love is where the true magic exists”
– Elizabeth Correia


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