"Go...Do It! Don't Wait for Another Day...Another Time"


“Go do it…don’t wait for another day or another time..GO!” the beautiful Kyrzayda said just moments before she passed.

Geeze…I’m still in shock. I mean why does this ‘cancer’ monster even exist…?

For those of you who do not know, the beautiful Kyrzayda Rodriguez was a Fashion Icon and Blogger who passed away while fighting a stomach cancer battle on September 9th 2018.

On Sunday, less than a year after being told she had cancer, the popular blogger died. She was only 40.

I can’t tell you how much this Fashionista inspired me. I mean seriously inspired me. Not only during her fight but years before her fight. Her photos would light up my heart and make me wanna run too my closet to plat dress up. Se has her own style and did things her way. She was truly W O M A N!


Despite the battle Rodriguez was fighting every day, she managed to put out daily posts filled with love, fashion, joy, health and also wellness inspiration. She shared quotes and words of LIFE- although she was fighting for her own.

There were so many words and messages she shared while going through her battle and some of my favorite were,

‘We get so distracted by what we wear, we forget to love the skin. Spend a little more time each day loving every inch of YOU!!”


“Learn to embrace the little things in life like your sense to feel, see, and touch.”

“Before anything I am woman and I have to embrace every single part of my body, no matter what.”

She lived with cancer through style and grace…INDEED.

In August, the Dominican Republic-native announced to her followers that she would be ending her chemo treatments, while still maintaining her positive outlook on the situation.

“I am going to discontinue the chemo and radiation because it is not working the way I hoped it would,” Rodriguez wrote. “I have decided to stop these treatments so that I can enjoy the rest of my time with my close friends and family and to be as pain free as possible.” And that she did. Travelled the world, met a lovely man who loved and took care of her to her very last breath. She met amazing people and built incredible friendships. All while being one beautiful BAD ASS!!!


I can honestly tell you, watching her go through this made me appreciate life that much more. It also inspired me to look at my life in terms of what I really want to create and the legacy I want to leave behind. Life is just so precious. It’s truly a gift.

Some of Kyrzayda’s last words (on her death bed), while she was recording a Live video, were, “Go for it. Do it. Don’t wait another day. Do it….’ as she was inspiring her followers and the world to go after their dreams. To do that ‘thing’ they’ve been putting off. I cried like a baby while watching that video. I could still see her pretty little face…despite how tiny and fragile she became. Hearing her share those words in her state, filled my heart up with so many sad, yet grateful feelings. Grateful that I got to witness her live her life with passion and purpose before she left us here on earth.


I just want to say,

Bella, you are my fashionista rock star! Thank you for inspiring me to love myself as a whole woman- that much more!

With Love & Laughter,

Lizzy xo